Restaurant Manager Point of Sale Solution


Restaurant Manager Features for QSR POS

Back Office Reporting

Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions

Credit Card Processing

Talk to your Restaurant Manager dealer for the most cost effective credit card processing options

Inventory Management

Choose full inventory or easy to manage stock counters


Create compelling promotions to bring in more guests and improve food & labor costs

Gift Cards

Choose from RM, Mercury, or Givex Gift Cards

Price Scheduling

Easily calculate the right price for combo meals

Mobile alerts

Get real time alerts at home, in the back office, or on your smart phone with the RM Monitor remote management app

Customer relationship management and email clubs

Promote your business to generate more traffic

Employee scheduling

Restaurant Manger can be used with Hot Schedules or a variety of employee scheduling options

Frequent Diner programs

Keep customers coming back with an appealing and easy to manage customer loyalty program

Kitchen Display Systems

Streamline your kitchen with a digital display of orders

QuickBooks interface

Integrate your POS to your accounting system

SQL Cloud Reporting

Centralize the management of multiple locations

Advance Orders

Have pick up or delivery orders ready when the customer is

Fully integrated Online Ordering

Create new revenue streams and increase profits


Easily calculate delivery charges and maintain customer address information

Caller ID

Recognize customers as they call in

Customer Displays

Increase average checks by using customer displays to offer add-ons to customers

Weighing Scale Integrations

Calculate prices of deli meats, candy, or other items by weight

Bar Code Scanners

Read bar code data on coupons or grocery goods

Last Order Recall

Easily enter a complete order with one touch