Restaurant Manager Customer Loyalty


Easily Build and Manage Loyalty Programs

The Restaurant Manager™ Customer Loyalty module is a snap to configure and takes little training to operate. You will be able to dream up and configure all sorts of special promotions, like offering a free margarita on every tenth visit, giving a 10 percent discount to customers who pay to join your membership program, and emailing a special birthday offer – there really is no limit to the special promotions you can implement. At the same time, Restaurant Manager provides tight security to prevent abuse or fraud by staff or customers.

When you leverage the standard customer database with the Customer Loyalty module, you can encourage and reward customers as their spending grows. You can track programs by dollar amount spent, menu items purchased, points earned or number of visits and reward loyal customers with discounts, coupons, free menu items or specialty gifts like T-shirts and mugs.  Waiter Serving Guests

Keep customers engaged in your programs by printing current points and discounts on each check. And you can filter your customer list on any criteria to generate mailing labels for specific promotions. Reports, of course, are a critical tool in evaluating the effectiveness of your customer loyalty program and Restaurant Manager offers you all the report formats you need to track and fine-tune your success.

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