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RSConnect® Suite

Corporate Management Software

Add NEC’s powerful and robust corporate consolidator and flexible store management software package to your NEC POS touch-screen terminal to enjoy a powerful POS management solution that is simple to install, easy to operate and trouble free to maintain. For multi-store operations, RSConnect Suite allows the retailer the ability to manage their stores remotely through the internet. Database changes, including employee files can be maintained from a remote location. Report consolidation is uncomplicated and can be viewed by year, quarter, month, week or date range.


  • Efficient distribution of information from store site to corporate site
  • Multi-store Editing - maintain single corporate database of PLU’s, Prices, Taxes and Screen Layouts by database store group
  • Maintain individual store database for employee, store messages and communication
  • Consolidated reporting by time or store group, by region or a combination
  • Password protected security levels
  • Schedule daily and weekly tasks such as importing files and receiving consolidated reports
  • Prices can be assigned to a group of stores or assigned by each store
  • Hi-speed connections at each site allows store to connect to internet provider via: Router with DSL cable Router with Modem Back-up
  • Individual store automatically “pushes” files by schedule to the FTP site
  • Store database updates downloaded files prior to activation with confirmation

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