Maitre’D Time and Attendance

Our Quick Service Time and Attendance feature provides managers with the tools needed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the work staff. This feature also creates a streamlined labor force. The Time and Attendance feature allows for employees to clock in and out at any workstation within your business, eliminating the need for time clocks. Logging details for payroll calculation, labor scheduling and even tip declaration are a few of the benefits that Time and Attendance provides. This type of reporting allows managers to control labor management and reduce labor costs.

Labor Management Tools

Maitre'D restaurant computer systems offers multiple ways to configure employees, which provides flexibility when customizing an employee record. The user’s language can be configured for each employee.

Maitre’D allows to assign 10 different job codes for each employee with different rates. Minimum and maximum wage amounts can be set for each to prevent underpaying or overpaying an employee. A raise can be entered with a pending date so that it automatically goes into effect at the desired time, thus eliminating the possibility of forgetting to change the rate at the beginning of the pay period.

  • Ability to print essential employee information forms for new hires or for employees with changes in status (W-4 and P13-P14 forms)
  • Provides number of hours worked per employee in real time and calculates the number of hours worked per week to provide more control over labor costs
  • Estimate labor costs in relation to sales, provides a total labor cost report
  • Set up paid or unpaid coffee breaks, with the option to print a coupon when employees take a break
  • Avoid labor disputes: When your employees clock out for a break or lunch, they are "locked out" of the POS for a preset amount time
  • Grant and revoke access to a group of employees in one operation
  • Tip declaration features and ability to transfer tips to another employee
  • Flexible configuration of overtime salary


Employee Scheduling

Maitre’D provides a graphical view of who is scheduled to work during the week. By using color coded bars to represent different tasks, employers can determine right away whether they have sufficient staff for any given moment of the week.



Exporting Payroll Information

Maitre'D allows to export payroll information to third party payroll processors such as Paychex® and Automatic Data Processing (ADP)®. This practical feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and helps ensure better accuracy.

Performance Reports

Several pre-configured reports are available to view employee performance and other sales information. Restaurants can customize each employee’s access to only see the reports they need. Many reports can be accessed directly from the POS workstation screen.

  • Sales per division and sales per category
  • Open table report
  • Workstation report
  • Labor cost report
  • Current shift and previous shift reports
  • Provides a variety of ratio reports: sales per hour, meals per hour, and clients per hour


Password Protection

Maitre'D’s employee management system offers a multi level password system, allowing one password to be created for employees when they want to access regular POS functions, and another if they want to access management level functions. Although login validation can be done by entering the employee number and password on a POS workstation, Maitre'D can also validate users using magnetic cards or biometric devices.

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