Restaurant Inventory Management and Purchasing

Maitre’D understands that traditional inventory management tasks are time consuming and our Inventory Management and Purchasing solutions eliminate these tasks. The Maitre’D real time inventory management solution provides up-to-date inventory counts 24 hours a day. When an item is depleted, the availability feature can disable an item on the POS for even more efficiency.


Minimize Waste

Inventory Management software provides the ability to track every ingredient in a recipe or dish, which in turn allows the user to better track food costs. The ability to set recipe quantities allows you to minimize waste, increase quality control and verify for variances. Once activated, the restaurant inventory software manages stock levels based on recipes, keeping an accurate count of stock levels at all times.

  • Adjustments can be made at any time, either manually or with a wireless handheld device
  • Count inventory items using bar codes for more efficiency and simplicity
  • Ability to enter the number of calories for each item or recipe
  • The Production Schedule compares previous sales to determine how much of a specific menu item should be prepared on specific days to reduce waste and food costs
  • The Automatic Conversion function automatically converts quantities received into quantities used for recipes
  • Recipes can be displayed or printed at the POS to assist with employee training or customer inquiries

Increase Revenue

Inventory offers features that help you manage your menu for maximum revenue, identifying menu items with high margins that should be promoted and menu items with low margins where the recipe should be adjusted or the price recalculated. The POS inventory system will even recommend the selling price of products based on the food cost, allowing you to specify the required amount of margin on any product.


Purchase Order Management

With fully integrated PO management features, it is possible to define minimum stock levels, so that the system automatically generates “shopping lists” to simplify inventory replenishment. These lists may be grouped according to vendor, or by inventory category and even provide an estimated budget for replenishing the inventory back to predefined levels.

Maitre'D offers a powerful wizard function that refers to sales history and future projections to determine which items to order and in which quantities. The purchase order wizard can generate purchase orders based on minimum and maximum inventory levels, based on the production schedule, or based on sales history.

  • Vendor file maintenance with respective purchase lists helps to find the best prices
  • Purchase Order Expert simplifies replenishment
  • PO information can automatically transformed into accounts payable and sent to 3rd party accounting systems
  • E-commerce interface to suppliers such as Sysco

Multi-Location Inventory Systems

The Inventory System can be setup for a single or a multi-location property. The multi-location option is very useful for a property that wants to transfer stock from one location to another (Main storage room to the Bar or the Fine Dining Restaurant for example). The requisition function allows to track transfers from one location to another and simplifies the process. With this option you can manage numerous different stock rooms in the same building.

POS Inventory Reporting

The Inventory module offers numerous reports that provide an in-depth analysis of food costs, usage, variances, and sales trends. Maitre’D Inventory provides all the reports that you need to effectively manage your inventory.

  • Operating cost & cost of sales
  • Usage report & theoretical usage of ingredients based on quantities sold
  • Waste history
  • Production history

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