Restaurant Handheld POS Solution

Maitre’D’s wireless wireless handheld POS solutions are just as easy to use as our regular POS solutions, offering the same functions and capabilities. Since the systems are so similar, no additional training is required to successfully utilize a wireless POS system.


Ordering Remotely

Handheld remote ordering will save your staff from going back and forth to the POS and waiting in line to access a fixed terminal, allowing them to spend more time with their clients. Waiters can serve more customers faster, turnover more tables and increase sales…

Increasing Profitability

Your servers’ performance can considerably improve with Maitre’D wireless POS systems. This mobile solution allows them to explain and sell menu items, promotions, and enhance your guests’ overall experience. You will soon see your customers’ satisfaction rise.

  • Wait list management feature
  • Access to specials and recipes: servers can provide instant answers to customer inquiries
  • Instant communication on 86’d items saves servers time
  • More accurate recording of orders and seat numbers
  • Wireless payment processing at table side

Integrated Manager Features

Integrated Manager features allow you to have instant access to information and the system’s features, which means more control and efficiency at peak times. Following are a few features included in the manager functions:

  • Discount or void items
  • Start an order
  • 86 an item on the fly
  • Employee punch clock adjustments
  • Labor & sales reports in real-time

Maitre’D Allows You to do More!

To help you maximize the use of your devices and help justify the cost of your system. Maitre’D includes fully integrated inventory functions that will help you save a considerable amount of time while ensuring better accuracy.

  • Enter quantities into the system directly from the stock room
  • Scan bar codes to identify products instead of searching for them
  • Inventory functions are fully integrated with the Back-Office, so all data is automatically updated, meaning no more manual entry of numbers


Seamless Integration

Since this application is entirely developed by Posera and no 3rd party application is required, you will benefit from seamless integration with your Maitre’D system. You can mix any number of fixed stations with wireless handheld terminals to better meet your operational needs.

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