Restaurant Frequent Diner

The Maitre’D Software Suite includes the Frequent Diner Program because we feel that restaurants should provide incentives and first class service to its most frequent customers. The Frequent Diner Program is easy to customize allowing for businesses to increase their revenues with an effective solution.

Provide Better Customer Service While Increasing Revenue

Maitre'D provides the ability to customize promotions for frequent diners, which gives them the incentive to increase their number of visits to your restaurant. Maitre'D offers remarkable flexibility for earning and redeeming points, managing coupons and promotions, such as:

  • Ability to schedule promotions for different money-to-points ratios depending on the day of the week and hour of the day
  • Several point matrixes give restaurant owners a number of different ways to reward their customers (ex: Buy 10, get one free)
  •  Rewards based on several different plans: Items purchased (More points on specific promotional items, or buy a specific item and double points for it)
    • Number of points earned
    • Number of visits
  • Random coupons can be printed on the customer check for rewards

Benefits of The Frequent Diner Program

This fast food POS solution has many benefits, including the ability to attract more customers, increase sales with repeat visits, build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. Its functions allow restaurateurs to build a relationship with their customers and enhance the value of their dining experience.

  • Ability to identify the customer in several ways: Number (alpha numeric), Magnetic Cards, and Bar Codes
  • The customer can be identified at any time during the transaction
  • Print customer balance on guest receipt
  • Several predefined reports and ability to customize reports
  • No transaction fees

Tracking Customer Loyalty

Managers can track all sales information and history on any customer, including profiles, coordinates and dollars spent to date. The ability to create and keep detailed files on customers allows restaurateurs to produce the data required for targeted marketing, including number of visits and even information on their ordering preferences.

  • Redeemed points or dollars or free items
  • Top Frequent Diner Customer
  • Points issuance
  • Transaction audit
  • Member enrollment

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