Fuel point-of-sale management. Faster at the pump than anyone.

When you think fuel point-of-sale, think Radiant.  Leading petroleum retailers such as Shell, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips entrust their fuel control to Radiant Systems.  That trust is built on more than 15 years of experience providing innovative, fast and reliable fuel control systems to the industry. 

Radiant’s philosophy is simple; deliver an open, flexible fuel point-of-sale solution that does not compromise reliability.  All Radiant fuel controllers share the following characteristics:

  • Rugged, solid-state design increases system up-time
  • Process fuel transactions independently of the store point-of-sale or back office server maximizing system up-time
  • Remotely configure, deploy, and manage fuel marketing programs for all stores from a central location in a matter of minutes

Radiant provides store operators with a choice between two dedicated devices for managing fuel – the most important driver of store traffic.

Radiant Tiger Fuel Controller

We recently introduced the Radiant Tiger Fuel Controller to tackle the increasing processing demands of the fuel island. From fleet cards to real-time loyalty to growing encryption requirements, there is more going on at the fuel point-of-sale now than ever before, and future demands will continue to grow. The Tiger Fuel Controller is designed to dramatically decrease transaction times at the fuel island without sacrificing marketing or compliance initiatives.

 Gas Station Point of Sale Fuel Control

Simply put the Radiant Tiger Fuel Controller delivers unmatched speed and reliability at the fuel point-of-sale. It also provides room to grow as new marketing programs and enhanced security requirements continue to add new processing demands.  This is accomplished through an innovative connection to your pumps for the fastest consumer interaction, with average savings of more than 33 percent per transaction over competing solutions.

Radiant Fuel Controller

Combining reliability and a small footprint with a proven low total cost of ownership, the Radiant Fuel Controller is a value-priced solution for your business.

Point of Sale Fuel Management  

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